Signature Items OLD

Our Signature Italian Dishes

Signature Items

  • Chicken Parmesian

    $13Breaded chicken cutlet, house blend
    cheese, homemade marinara served
    with your choice of Pasta

  • Sacchetti

    $14Chef’s speciality pasta filled with a 3-cheese blend and truffle served in a light cream sauce with crumbled
    sausage, roasted red peppers and sage

  • Meat Lasagna

    $13Layers of handmade pasta, meat sauce, and ricotta

  • Sorrento Shrimp

    $14Pan seared shrimp with a spicy butter, garlic and white wine sauce served with your choice of pasta

  • Mac and Cheese

    $11Trombetti pasta tossed in a five cheese cream sauce and pancetta

  • Ravioli of the Day