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Serving Up the Best Pizza in Laconia, NH

What does it take to create the most amazing pizzas? We know the formula. First, you start with a fresh dough for a delicious, crispy crust. Next, add a flavorful homemade sauce using fresh ingredients. Finish with the finest quality cheeses, add toppings, and bake to perfection. 

If you want to enjoy some of the best pizza in New England, stop by Faro Express, call ahead for pick up, or have your pizza delivered (within five miles of our Laconia location; no delivery to the islands).

Give us a call at 603-527-8700 now to place your order. 

Our Pizza Menu

  • Cheese Pizza

    $13Authentic Italian-style pizza with cheese

  • Toppings

    $1-4Artichokes, broccoli,
    caramelized onions, tomatoes,
    mushrooms, spinach, roasted
    red pepper, onion, olives, pineapple, anchovies
    Fresh mozzarella, feta, goat cheese $1.50;
    Chicken, meatballs, sausage,
    prosciutto, bacon, panchetta, pepperoni $2.00;
    Shrimp $4.00

Laconia Pizza Delivery Near You

We deliver within a five-mile radius of our restaurant in Laconia, New Hampshire. Please check the map to see if you are in our pizza delivery area. Note: we do not deliver to the islands.

Laconia New Hampshire pizza delivery

Delicious Pizza Your Way

Stop in for Laconia’s best pizza made just the way you like it. Keep it simple with a classic cheese pizza; create a healthy veggie pizza with broccoli, tomatoes, and artichokes; or choose premium toppings like shrimp, steak, or prosciutto. 

With our fresh, quality ingredients, it’s easy to create your perfect pizza!